January 31, 2017

DeWitt Eyecare is excited to offer our latest promotion - a FREE 10 oz. contact lens solution with the purchase of a year's worth of contact lenses! Three options will be provided to select from: Opti-Free Replenish, BioTrue, and Clear Care. This brings up a common question we hear during examinations:


Are there really any differences between solutions?


The answer is YES! First, an introduction to the solutions we are offering and why we do:



BioTrue is infused with a lubricant found naturally within your body - hyaluronan - to help keep your contact lenses hydrated and eyes moisturized for up to 20 hours of wearing time.



The pH (~term describing how acidic or basic) of the solution is equal to the natural pH of the eye to reduce irritation that can be caused by other solutions.








Opti-Free RepleniSH has a unique disinfection mechanism that utilizes two different bacteria-killing methods for the best elimination of infections that can cause permanent vision loss.


Why is the "SH" capitalized in the name of the solution? This formulation is specifically formulated for silicone-hydrogel ("SH") lenses - the newest form of lens technology that allows for ample oxygen to keep the eyes healthy and white.





Clear Care is different from either of the above methods in that the solution is a hydrogen peroxide formulation as opposed to a multi-purpose solution. While this cannot be placed directly into the eye, it is able to disinfect lenses without preservatives - something that can cause discomfort to the ocular surface and is inherent in all multi-purpose solutions.


It requires six hours to complete the reaction and leaves the lenses in purified saline for the user to place the lenses directly into the eye. It is perfect for those that desire a great clean and comfortable wearing.




Now is the time to have you and your family members scheduled with us to talk with your eye doctor as to which solution is best for you!

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